C007-063-10 Tapes

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Overview:Here these are multifunctional Tapes that can be used to bind things down or to be used as a means of decoration. The particular stickiness does create a strong enough bind to keep even the heaviest loads together. One of the important aspects of the tapes is the high rubber content which makes the offering rather supple and long lasting. There are times when finishing tapes are to be used to garnish packaging and even the gift wrapping. More importantly, it is required to make packages presentable and for the larger ones, more manageable. The strong point of the tapes on offer here is that the color schemes are more of a mixture that could well complement and supplement any kind of patterns and designs.

Product Features:

  • Weight class: Featherweight in construction; thus not add weight to the package.
  • Material: Toughened plastic strips but does have strong rubber content.
  • Ideal usage: To keep edges of wrappers and coverings together.
  • Designed in California, USA.
  • User Group: There would not be a particular target user group as such.
  • Safety: Care must be exercised to keep the tape away from naked flames as it could catch fire.

Usage Tips: 

  • It is necessary to clean out the surface before applying the tape. This would ensure a good grip on the material being packed. In case of heavy soiled conditions, it is advisable to clean out the surface with a little petrol or some aftershave lotion.
  •  Despite the high strength that the tape offers the user, it is best to be aware of the limiting factors in its use. This would prevent embarrassments from occurring too.

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